Our Story

The inspiration behind Carly’s Clubhouse is Carly Chandler. Carly was born with a very rare and devastating disorder called CDKL5. There is no cure for CDKL5 and it causes Carly to be severely developmentally delayed in all aspects. After Carly was diagnosed her journey has lead me to meet countless parents with special needs and disabled children. A common thread with all of us is we want our children to be able to play with their able bodied siblings or peers. After many days trying to find a solution, the idea of Carly’s Clubhouse was born.

Carly’s Clubhouse will be a  custom designed and truly all inclusive playground for the City of Pelham, AL. Carly’s Clubhouse aims to bring the special needs community/disabled community together withe the able bodied community and learn about each other while funding and building a playground.  We must teach our young children that it’s okay to be in a wheelchair or be a little “different”. The best way for our children to learn about each other is through the art of play. We should allow our children to learn about each other in a true social setting. Carly’s Clubhouse will provide a place for our children play “shoulder-to-shoulder” and see children from other walks of life. It will allow their parents to meet other parents walking the same path or possible a different one.

The City of Pelham, AL was gracious to donate a parcel of land to allow this vision to come to fruition. With the help of the children of the community the playground was designed and will stretch out over roughly 30,000 square feet and will be one-of-a-kind, not only for Pelham, but Alabama as well.

Hopefully Carly’s Clubhouse will be the start of a movement of total inclusiveness SO ALL CAN PLAY across the great state of Alabama.

Dustin Chandler